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Every Patient’s Condition Is Unique — The Treatment Plan Should Be, Too.

Choosing the right rehabilitation hospital doesn’t have to be a difficult choice for you or your loved ones. Our treatment programs are customized for each patient and success is measured by patient outcomes. Quite simply, we want you to feel better and get back to living your life to the absolute fullest—as soon as possible.

Upon admission, our care team begins with an assessment of current abilities, then works side-by-side with the patient to determine appropriate progress goals. From this, a unique treatment plan can be developed and immediately implemented.

When you come to Sugar Land Rehab Hospital for your next level of inpatient rehab care, you’ll find that our compassionate team of care providers offer real hope for recovery.

conditions treated

Conditions We Treat.

Sugar Land Rehab Hospital offers skilled rehabilitative programs for the following injuries and conditions. Our goal is restore ability as quickly and as much as possible by customizing goal-based treatment plans.


Early treatment provides the best possible outcomes after a stroke.

Hip Fracture

Enhancing the quality of life and overall independence is at the heart of our treatment.


When a fall causes injury, our treatment plan will help you return to your life.

Brain Injury

Regaining independence after a brain injury increases with our comprehensive Brain Injury Program.

Spinal Cord Injury

Helping patients to walk again or find freedom with other forms of mobility.

Neurological Disorders

Whether Parkinson's, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, or Polyneuropathy, our targeted treatment plans will maximize your function and independence.

Myopathy or Muscle Weakness

Muscle weakness due to long stays in the hospital, Chemotherapy, Steroids or UTI for example can greatly benefit from our targeted rehab.


Our programs help patients live a full life, while adjusting to new forms of mobility.


We are sensitive to the medical issues that impact patients of size. We will guide you to health and have special equipment to aid in your recovery.

Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Deformity or loss of motion may benefit from our Arthritis Program, which maximizes independence and minimizes pain.

Complex Joint Replacements

Joint replacements are highly successful, however some patients need additional rehab. We have a plan to help.

Major Multiple Trauma

Our multi-therapist driven treatment plans provide hope for recovering from catastrophic injuries to multiple parts of the body.


Burn patients deserve a gentle touch. We will treat your pain, while we get you back to moving with freedom.

Other Illnesses and Injuries

Up to 40 percent of patients do not have one of the conditions above, but have lost function after an acute illness. We can help.

Speak With Our Admissions Team.

Same-Day Admission Available

Therapies Available At Sugar Land Rehab Hospital.

Inpatient rehabilitative care offers hope for recovery through personalized, evidence-based treatment plans that are designed to help patients accomplish their goals and live their best lives. Our therapies include:

Physical Therapy

Regaining strength, minimizing pain and preventing further injuries

Occupational Therapy

Developing new skills for daily, independent living

Speech Therapy

Improving communication skills for better human connection

"Tara is a GEM in this facility! She has made everything so easy for my mother-in-law and her family in our understanding of what her plan is and she is getting better day by day"

- LM (May 2019)

"Phillip, thank you for the superior way you manage the care of all the patients in the Hospital. I was so impressed with your careful attention to every detail of my mother’s medical situation. I continued to be impressed with your meticulous follow through of every change ordered by the doctor or requested by the family. You are an honor to nursing."

- WR (June 2019)

"Chef James, Thank you more than words can say for your always delicious meals three times a day, seven times a week! You are a MARVEL! Your food looks good, tastes good and is served hot! Thank you for your personal attention – it shows! You are a superior chef!

Tara, thank you so much not only for competing all tasks associated with case management of my mother – which you did so thoroughly – but also for all the emotional support you provided to me, the family, during this time of duress. You are a superb social worker!!"

- CS (June 2019)

"As a patient at Sugarland Rehab Hospital, I am pleased to attest that thanks to the professionalism of all staff members the results exceeded my expectations. It is especially comforting to receive such quality treatment and care within an environment based on compassion and positive results."

Sugar Land Rehab Patient

"From the bottom of my heart I want to thank each and everyone of you who cared for me in the hospital! The employees of Sugar Land Rehab Hospital are the most genuine, professional, and caregiving people I have ever experienced, defining excellence! I was so very honored to have been in your care; you are the epitome of love and kindness!"


Sugar Land Rehab Patient

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